The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Why the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice?

The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice is one of the youngest public higher education institutions for art studies in Poland (independent since 2001). Its history, however, involves long years of operation in the structure of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, which allows it to draw on considerable experience and well-established tradition in the area of art education.
The study programme offered by AFA Katowice enables students to combine modern, conscious approach to design and artistic problems with a thorough knowledge of traditional graphic and painting techniques.
The open structure allows the implementation of a curriculum tailored to individual abilities and preferences – students have the opportunity to combine disciplines and choose subjects from the curricular activities of both faculties.
Academic staff are open to art and design initiatives proposed by the students of both faculties.

What the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice has to offer?
- Training at two faculties:
a) Faculty of Art
- field of study: Graphics /specialization: Graphic Art/
- field of study: Painting
b ) Faculty of Design
- field of study: Graphics /specialization: Graphic Design/
- field of study: Industrial Design

In addition:
- AFA Katowice initiates and organizes numerous events enabling students to acquire and exchange experience and promote their achievements through activities which fall outside the regular course of study. Recent initiatives include: Design Silesia, Ars Grafia Festival, A Well Designed Book Competition, AGRAFA students’ graphic design competition and scientific conference, DESIGN28 Best Academy of Fine Arts Design Diploma competition, International Art Students' Drawing Competition, POLES conference, or graphic art exhibitions at the AFA Koszarowa Gallery.
- AFA Katowice study programme is enhanced by various workshops organized outside of the Academy
- Thanks to the cooperation of AFA Katowice with local businesses and entrepreneurs students are supported in gaining professional experience
- AFA Katowice cooperates also with local governments and cultural institutions
- AFA Katowice students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies and work placements abroad, within the Erasmus international student exchange programme. AFA Katowice currently has partnership agreements with over 20 art schools across Europe.
- Students have the opportunity to actively participate in the activities of academic research-interest groups in all fields of study (eg. Fest Design Portfolio Review, OZON International Video Art Festival)
- AFA Katowice students can benefit from the welfare service in the form of scholarships for outstanding learning achievements, maintenance and special grants.
- AFA Katowice has its own exhibition space, Rondo Sztuki Gallery, situated in the city centre. The main gallery presents internationally recognized artists and designers. The smaller space (Gallery Plus) enables promoting the achievements of the most talented students and graduates of the Academy. Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery also hosts public diploma thesis defences by Academy students.
- AFA Katowice has long-reaching plans for a dynamic development. Currently, a new facility is under construction, which will include a film studio, gallery, spatial form park, materials library, cinema and cafe.

Where to find more information?

How to contact us?
ul. Raciborska 37
40-074 Katowice
tel. +48 32 205 50 22
fax: +48 32 251 89 67